“Checkmate Partners is truly composed of expert communicators that walked us through our executive search from start to finish…”
Associate Director – NJ pharmaceutical company

“Checkmate Partners Worldwide provided us with the flawless transition we needed to ensure the competitiveness of our firm – from initial dialogues and hammering out a solid position description, to screening and hiring the potential candidate – Checkmate Partners Worldwide was with us every step of the way explaining the process…”
Assistant Director – California software firm

“Checkmate Partners Worldwide is truly knowledgeable about the art of making matches and meaningful connections…”
Project Manager – NY-based engineering consulting firm

“Checkmate Partners has a knack for identifying brilliant minds. Since our firm is so specialized, weeding out proper candidates from a number of possible candidates is terribly arduous and time consuming. Simply put, I don’t know what we would have done or how much money we would have lost without them…”
Partner – MD-based research firm