We engage in an extensive series of service offerings for our clients. We are happy to work with our clients on one or a series of the steps needed to place their new employee. Some of our services include:

Position Description Creation

Checkmate Partners Worldwide believes that it is necessary to talk out and clarify the content of your potential job description. We rely on extensive input from clients to shape position descriptions to make them the most marketable possible. While brainstorming a position description, we typically flush out:

  • explicit and implicit roles associated with the position
  • position-specific professional and personal requirements
  • word choice
  • salary range and initial benefits advertised

Aptitude Tests and Personality Assessments

We understand that candidates need to be thoroughly vetted; this truly helps gauge their future value at your firm, and assures that they are indeed a fit both from a personal and professional perspective. With aptitude tests and personality assessments, we verify the qualifications of your candidate and determine whether their ability and outlook is attuned to the current structure and culture of your organization. Some activities that may occur during these evaluations (with consent of the candidate) include:

  • evaluate candidates’ psychological profiles with exams such as Myers Briggs, etc
  • survey and report on candidates’ behavior at previous employers
  • survey and administer professional aptitude tests relevant to the candidate’s field

Professional Placement

Professional placement is at the core of what we do best. Checkmate Partners Worldwide provides two types of placement services that can be agreed upon with client organizations prior to kicking off a candidate search. During this process, you and you alone determine Checkmate Partners Worldwide’s level of input and engagement. We can fine tune our activities to serve your needs.

  • retained search: client company pays Checkmate Partners Worldwide upfront and typically works with us exclusively
  • contingency: client company pays Checkmate Partners Worldwide only when a new hire starts

As part of our placement services, we often work with our clients in:

  • setting up interviews
  • brainstorming and choosing interview questions
  • creating candidate profiles to share with our clients

Background Checks

After verifying your final candidate, it is also important to check our collective work. Checkmate Partners Worldwide is capable of providing the background-check legwork to verify the professional profile of your candidate. When we reach out to former employers, we typically approach analysis through the Success C Triangle to determine whether the potential employee is a viable match for your firm. We can also provide:

  • profile checks on identity and public records aggregator sites
  • detailed descriptions of the candidate’s former job experiences
  • criminal records checks

Salary / Benefits Negotiation

As scientific professionals, we understand what benefits count in the minds you wish to attract to your firm. At Checkmate Partners Worldwide, we are experts in creating competitive benefits packages that balance the needs of candidates and employers. In addition to being actively involved in benefits negotiations, we also:

  • survey and profile professional benefits at top companies in your field
  • provide recommendations based on these surveys to determine what benefits would keep you competitive

Company Web Presence Management

You should be working as hard as your candidates to ensure that your company’s online profile is dynamic – attracting bright minds – and legible – clearly stating your institutional mission and intent. In the same way that we encourage candidates to tailor their online presence to put the best possible foot forward, we encourage our clients to understand their web presence. This presence helps attract potential bright candidates, and ensures that you are not being passed over for seeming too antiquated.

As with our candidates, we provide web presence management on relevant social networks and professional sites. We also ensure that your company page and product offerings are consistent with what are currently being offered.

For more information, please Contact Us ; a Checkmate Partners Worldwide agent will be happy to speak with you.