About Checkmate Partners

Your ability to remain competitive hinges on your capacity to attract and retain the brightest professional minds in your field. By balancing dynamic office experience, challenging work load, or competitive benefits, it is your job to create a quality professional experience for your team, as well as ensure the growth of your firm. This balance is never easy, and vetting candidates truly suited to your firm is always an issue.

Luckily, Checkmate Partners Worldwide is the key to your success.

Checkmate Partners Worldwide is more than the typical recruiting firm. Based in Alexandria, VA, we are a professional placement firm engaged in managing the entire experience of recruiting and placement. We have over 18 years of experience tackling the hardest to solve placement projects in engineering, applied sciences, telecommunications, and information technologies, and are relentless in our pursuit of the ideal candidate for you.

As scientific professionals, we understand your unique needs and the careful consideration that goes into adding a member of your team. In fields that are highly specialized and research driven, a sole bright mind is invaluable to enhancing the potential for the team’s success. The journey begins in ensuring the individual you chose is indeed correct.

Besides thinking like you, we understand that recruiting and professional placement today requires both traditional and non-traditional approaches. Our ability to think beyond the ad to build strong relationships and understand the nuances of your industry allow us to enhance both the analog and digital profiles for perspective employees and employers, providing the most up to date and honest image of yourself or your organization.